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UCB:Top 5 Cardinal Stories of 2011

Trying something new, A video blog post!Tell me what ya think.

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So long Albert

Albert Pujols is no longer a that feels weird saying.The slugger officially left St.Louis this morning when he agreed to a 10 year ...

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2011 World Series Film Review.

The World Series Film is a tradition of sorts. Every year about a month after the season ends, MLB Productions and A&E Home Entertainment will ...

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  • commented on your video Well..that sucked: "Tito ..." .mangi picking up rookies at the airport " .....dude the way you said that was funny as hell ..."

  • commented on your video Well..that sucked: "I will respond via webcam later but here is something to think about for a minute. ....... Your right, Belichik is a great coach and of course he had something to do with the 07 season. I didn't mean he didn't. What I was saying is that it isn't always the coach. ..... Sure the Jets went 8-3 and then 1-4 down the stretch. And yes the coach deserves SOME of the blame but firing him? That would mean Jon Gruden should be fired in Tampa Bay too. Would you do that? ..... I still think Mangini IN CLEVELAND is a solid hire. Why go get a new rookie coach that might not pan out? It isn't like this team is close to winning. Mangini is a solid coach that will preach discipline and order to a new that desperately needs it."

  • commented on your video Well..that sucked: "Rookie coach? Like the Falcons guy? Or Harbaugh? or that weird Pedophile lookin guy in Miami??? you make it sound like Mangini is some kind pf proven veteran head coach....he's not even close....And yes, i do think Tampa has to CONSIDER replacing Gruden, he was terrible down the stretch this year....always remember that the defensive coordinator in New England is just a title."

  • commented on your video Well..that sucked: "Remember this....Falcons - dominant running game and a very good rookie qb. Ravens - dominant defense. Miami - very good defense and a good game manager at QB. ...... Mangini is fine. He had 3 years as coach of the Jets. Not many coaches win with the Jets at all and he had a winning record 2 out of 3 years. ....... Is he the guy to lead the Browns to the Playoffs....maybe maybe not. I don't think they have the pieces but they will SURELY play better next season with Mangini than they did with Crennel this season."

  • commented on your video Well..that sucked: "Its Chad Pennington, not Brian Pennington..."

  • commented on your video Well..that sucked: "No one can save the Browns"

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