It's been a while since we've done one of these but it feels like it's time to get back to it.  After all, a monumentous 10th anniversary show deserves to be examined and who better than your neighborhood friend Mouth of the South Shore?  At the very least, I'm planning to get back to cover Pay Per Views, with new writers covering the weekly shows and all of us contributing columns from time to time.  It's time for this site to be reborn, so let's start now!

Ever since Lockdown, all we've heard is "it's ok that Lockdown changed nothing because Slammiversary is the 10th anniversary show and things will be shaken up there."  Naturally, I was skeptical as this year has largely been marred by stagnation.  TItle reigns have gone on well past their expiration dates, stories have dragged, and overall you just feel like the product hasn't changed a bit in months.  Compounding the issue was the lackluster build to Slammiversary.  With the promise of a huge anniversary show, it was telling that only a couple of matches were booked leading into the go-home show filmed just 3 days before the Pay Per View itself. 

While some were excited for the matches, I looked at the card and couldn't bring myself to care much.  Not much seemed to stand out, but I gave the show a chance anyway.  Keep in mind that the opinions I express relate only to the booking so the match quality itself plays only a little part of my opinion.  So did this show deliver?  Let's discuss: