Unless you are preparing for the 2014 MLB Draft I promise you that many, if not all Major League Baseball players can hit a ball, catch a ball and throw a ball far better than you ever will. I quote former New York (Mets and Yankees) catcher, Yogi Berra saying, "Baseball is 90 percent mental; the other half is physical."


Baseball differs from every other sport out there. Now I am not saying other sports are easy enough for just anyone to play as every sport takes mental and physical abilities, I just think baseball is the most underrated sport as people think it is easy to hit a ball and run. When a basketball player takes the court they must know each player they are facing and the team's play they will have to defend and move around on. A football player needs to know his playbook from cover to cover and who they have to defend knowing some of their common plays, skills and weaknesses. A baseball player has to do the exact same. They do not just walk up and hope a pitch comes to them that they can hit. A baseball pitcher alone must study each of the 9 starting batters and their hot and cold spots plus a bench full of other players they may face at some point. I promise you a pitcher does not just stand on the mound and throw the ball where he feels like it. There is a major thought process between the pitcher and catcher knowing the batter they are facing. As a batter, a player has to know each other the pitchers they face in a game. 30 teams of about 15 possible pitchers per series is not the same as cramming for a final exam the night before. The batter also needs to know each player on defense and whether they are fast enough to beat a throw or if they should hold up at third because some players just do not listen to the third base coach. Basketball, hockey, and soccer players are often forced to think on the spot while in motion but baseball players have a moment between pitches to plan exact everything that could possibly happen giving it a major mental aspect. Author and psychologist Mike Stadler once wrote, "Baseball is impossible without psychology: impossible to play and impossible to fully appreciate as a fan." Even if you are not a fan of baseball and you think baseball is the easiest sport out there try watching a game one time and watch the communication that happens between coaches and players and you will truly understand that baseball is, as Yogi said, "90 percent mental." As a Red Sox fan and a lover of baseball I can watch any game but watching an AL East matchup is different than any other baseball you will ever see. Especially in September.