The Bowl Championship Series was started in the 1998 season, and was started to give college football fans a true one verses’ two matchup for the National Championship. It has achieved just that, but it has not come without scrutiny each and every year. Most people want a true playoff system, and are just going to hate anything but that. Some universities feel like they have been screwed by the system, which also might be true. The facts are, this is the current system we have and the SEC has dominated since the system was adopted in 1998. The SEC has won 15 BCS games since it was started in 1998, and this year will make number 16. They have also won the BCS National Championship game seven times from five different teams, with this year guarantying an eighth win.  So with the eighth win looming we decided to rank the previous seven wins. We evaluated the wins based on opening spread, attendance, television rankings, historical implications, and final score. That gave us our rankings.  We will start the poll at number seven and make our way to the number one all time BCS National Championship Win.