The holiday season for many sports, especially ones that involve a motor and a lot of horsepower, are in their break.  There's no action on ovals, no media sessions needing done, nor an event on a Saturday or Sunday to prepare for.

For those involved in the monster truck industry, the off-season is not necessarily short, but prolonged.  Many events happen between the January-September portion of the calendar, with many drivers not seeing action for months except for a couple weekends.  It's the time for the teams and crews to tear down equipment, and make repairs to the trucks.  New parts are installed, motors refurbished or replaced, and brand new bodies put on for that first weekend of the season.

The first quarter for monster trucks is a busy one all across the board.  Monster Jam, Monster X, Family Events, Checkered Flag and many others are getting set for three months of intense action, with some promoters hosting events each weekend out of the year.

Some drivers and crews spend the time away from families for weeks or months at a time, but in the end are doing what they enjoy for the thrill of the crowd.

As the new season is set to begin, the 2013 season has come to a close.  It has been a year of incredible events, many major victories, and moments in time that will never be forgotten by any fan.  Across the board, champions were crowned, and memories made for thousands upon thousands of fans.

Here is a look back at what moments and memories stood out among the 2013 monster truck season.