Hello, TJR readers! I know many of you were looking forward to reading the latest mind farts form Mike Aires, but he has been having technical issues, and asked me to cover for him this week. This isn’t going to be my Fozzie’s Den column (that will be up Saturday) but rather just a short light column that will probably cause some drama down in the comments section, because people like to complain. That’s cool with me, because these are my opinions.

Anyway, in case you missed our Tuesday Headlines, Mike and I discussed the WWE’s top ten list of wrestlers who have never won a world title. That list included any world title (AWA, WCW, NWA, WWE, etc) that have ever existed. That list inspired me to write my own list of talent that never made it to the top, but I’m going to limit my list to the WWE. So without further ado, I present to you: Fozzie’s Top 5 WWE Superstars to never win a WWE title. Remember, this is my list and my opinions. If you don’t like the fact that I left Hillbilly Jim off the list, please feel free to remind me of my shortsightedness down in the comments. My only criterion is that I have to have seen their careers. (That means Mr. Wonderful is out) Are we ready? Well, let’s begin, shall we? (Disclaimer: While I did make a case for recognizing Owen Hart Tuesday in Headlines, WWE excluded some people from that list due to reigns in the AWA. Unfortunately, Owen falls sixth, in my opinion.)