WWE is back on PPV once again with one of my favorite events each year: Money in the Bank. Traditionally there’s been two ladder matches for two separate Money in the Bank briefcases, each one containing a guaranteed contract for a World Title shot anywhere and anytime over the course of a year.  Well, this year, things are a bit different.

First of all, WWE has previously had two separate titles: The WWE Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship.  Since late last year, those two belts have been combined to become one.  Daniel Bryan was the most recent holder of the renamed WWE World Heavyweight Championship, until injury forced him to drop the title.  Now we’ve got two Money in the Bank matches - one for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and one for the traditional briefcase.

It’s looking to be a pretty exciting show, with the future of WWE on the line in more ways than one.  Let’s dive right in and take a look at the matches, shall we?