Well, it’s another year that’s flying by.  In the United States, we’re just one week away from one of our most treasured holidays - Thanksgiving.  For wrestling fans, Thanksgiving means Survivor Series, a time-honored tradition of body slams and elimination matches.

“Wait, what’s that you say about elimination matches?”  Well, my friends, once upon a time WWE would have teams of 4 or 5 face off against each other in elimination matches.  They called them “Survivor Series” matches, and whoever was left standing at the end won the match for their team.  It was one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year.

Those of you that are new to the wrestling scene probably never would have known that, the way WWE has built up this pay-per-view.

So, we have two traditional Survivor Series matches, neither of which mean anything, and a bunch of matches, half of which were thrown together last minute this week on Raw.  And does anyone really think we’ll see the titles change hands?  More to the point, does anyone really want any of the challengers to win?

Prediction time!