Ever wonder what a full roster of international NBA players would look like? Would they be able to compete with some of the best Team USA rosters? Well here’s the closest thing to an official roster full of the best international basketball players of all-time. All of the players on this roster were born outside of the US and have also represented their national teams at an international level. Before you quibble, please realize that Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, Patrick Ewing, and Dominique Wilkins are all ineligible to play on this team. Hakeem represented the USA in the Olympics and also became a US citizen. Dominique was born in France but was raised in the US by two American parents and also represented the USA in the Olympics. Ewing was born in Jamaica but moved to the US as a kid, became a US citizen, and also represented the US in Olympics. And although Duncan was born in the Virgin Islands, he has American citizenship and has represented Team USA in international play.