Today, Tebow is the laughing stock of quarterbacks, but yet still he paved the way for some of today’s quarterbacks to be successful in the way that they are. 

Running quarterbacks have always been labeled with the “yeah but” as in yeah but he can’t throw which held a lot of football players from living their dreams. There have been a few that have slipped through the crack like Randall Cunningham and Steve Young (which was once rated No.1 in NFL history with career passing rating 96.8).

The “read and react” system has created a scheme that fits the typical futuristic quarterback in the NFL. Accurate, efficient, fast, great running ability and strong arm are characteristics for quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, and Cam Newton. So it made me wonder what quarterbacks in the past could have benefited from this system and been great in the NFL.

Here are the top 5 quarterbacks that would have excelled in this offense.