During the 3rd quarter of Oklahoma's 41-25 over Texas A&M, Ryan Broyles suffered a knee injury that was later revealed to be an ACL tear; bringing an end to a record setting career for the All-American wideout. 

Prior to Mark Clayton's departure following the 2004 season, he had set the bar rather high, and we all knew that it would before we saw that "next" great receiver step up to challenge his records.  There have been some good names to come through since then, but Ryan Broyles has been the one that took the mantle, and then proceeded to set the bar even higher. 

As a tribute to what he accomplished and also meant to the Sooner faithful, I have picked my favorite 8.5 plays by Broyles.  8.5 is a play on his number 85; my top 8 plays and an honorable mention which makes up the ".5". 

Without further ado, let the countdown begin.......