Every franchise has its best players and Buffalo certainly has had some greats;  Reed, Bennett, Smith Thomas, just to name a few.  Every team has their most important player(s) whose impact was felt from the moment they arrived and whose imprint on the franchise was lasting and enduring.  Jim Kelly was clearly the Bills most important player as his arrival in ’86 signaled the rebirth of a team that had endured back-to-back 2-14 seasons.

    Yet fans also have their favorite players.  Those who may not have been the most gifted, who may not have made a lasting impact on your team and indeed in most cases, not celebrated for generations to come.  These were all-around good (in some cases great) players no doubt but, more importantly they were also good people and members of the community.  I said in my book that Center Kent Hull was my all-time favorite Buffalo Bill.  Hull was everything you wanted a professional athlete to be…  a great player and great person.

    Here are the remaining nine who I either met and really liked, or who appeared to appreciate playing for the Bills, and more importantly told the world how much they enjoyed their time in Buffalo.