Remember back when a certain person liked you in high school and they had braces, zits or just wasn't popular but you chose the other person who was popular and had a nice body instead? Now you're married to that person which got fat and has no job while the one who liked you developed a banging body with a great career job who's skin has cleared up and has nice teeth.

 NFL teams have been known to set their franchises back ten years or more for bonehead type decisions. Some moves have been valid at the time while other moves were what I call " genius moves" which they over analyze and try to become a genius.

For instance, Miami Dolphins trading Wes Welker to the Dolphins was a "What were we thinking" trades. I can go on and on all night with puzzling transactions committed by lets win now Owners.

Here are the top 10 "Kick myself in the back of the head" moves in the modern day era.