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Final Phantasy: No Ways (Week 11) by McSpazz

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  • My cousin Hot Carl is nice enough, but quite out of the closet and isn't afraid to tell anyone. I would hate to see the damage he would do in a NFL locker room.

  • gotta tone it down with these stupid fancasts>>>we appreciate what you do for the site but try to keep it semi serious....dude, you are not funny at all.

  • McSpazz was out for the day, so Hot Carl had to step in. His fancast was all serious about football, just brought to you in a different matter. Don't be afraid of homesexuals Tito, they are the same as you and me. Well, at least until they get to the bedroom. As far as funny goes that's all in the eye of the beholder, but as far as you go I don't see you thinking anything is funny. Stay tuned for more of McSpazz's relatives bringing you top football/fantasy football information as I get bored in just being myself all the time. We were blessed with a thing called free will, imagination, humor, intelligence and something called a brain. I wll continue to use mine as I wish and if you don't like it, don't watch it.

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