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1) Where do the stories on FanVsFan come from?

FanVsFan stories come from our network of bloggers and or registered users like you. Users either submit their stories or bloggers who already have their own blog submit their blog for aggregation. FanVsFan tracks a roster of blogs, then analyzes each post for relevance and influence.

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2) How do stories make it to the home page?

The home page displays the most popular stories, as determined by votes and users particpation in debate challenges. The more votes a story gets and the more you particpate in debate challenges the higher your blog post will rank.

Once a blog is submitted, we track the blogs post and how popular it is by counting votes, links, user particpation and comments. As a story gets older, we discount its score to keep the content fresh.

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3) How do I submit content on FanVsFan?

From the home page, click on the Submit a Blog button to submit an RSS feed from your blog. Once submitted we will start tracking your blog post.

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4) Are there rules about what kind of content or language is OK to post?

Please keep the language PG-13, especially in story titles when you submit a post to FanVsFan. Other bloggers use our content widgets to automatically display top FanVsFan stories on their sites, and their readers might not be as comfortable with cussin' as we are. And obviously, please abide by the Terms of Service, which ask you nicely to not post or write anything that is "obscene, racist, defamatory, abusive, threatening, libelous, or violates the intellectual property or other rights of a third party."

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5) Can I write a blog on FanVsFan?

Yes! We want you to! Just click on the Submit an Article link, and select a category for your post. You also have the option of attaching an image with your article. When you're finished writing, you simply click post and you're done. From your user profile page, you can view your submissions in blog format and share that link with others if you want.

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6) How do I keep track of how my story submissions are doing?

On your profile page there is an "Articles" tab. Click that to view your article(s).

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7) I have a sports blog. How do I find out whether my blog is being tracked by FanVsFan?

Enter the name of your blog in the search box in the header. You can also enter the name of the team or sport that you write about, and then click on the "Blogs" link in the right hand sidebar.

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8) How do I get my blog tracked by FanVsFan?

Just signup and submit your blog and we will start tracking it.

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9) What does it mean to claim a blog?

Claiming a blog is when you verify to FanVsFan that you are the rightful owner of a blog that we are tracking. Once you've verified that you own the blog, you have the option of receiving notifications when your posts are submitted, voted, or commented on by others. See the blog rankings page for examples of claimed blogs.

How to claim your blog:

  1. Find your blog profile page on FanVsFan by entering the name in the search box.
  2. Click on the Claim Blog button at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions to verify that you're the owner — we generate a bit of code for you to drop onto your home page. It's invisible so it won't mess up your template.
  4. Once you've claimed your blog, set your notification preferences — the link is under your avatar on your blog profile page.
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10) Can I submit my own blog posts to FanVsFan?

Yes, please do! We encourage you to submit your best stories (since we all have off days) and to also hype up other people's work. Either vote for them if they've already been submitted, or if you're the first to come across a great story, hype it up! Surfacing quality content for the community is what will attract new readers to the site and your own future posts. The entire community of readers and bloggers benefit, and besides, helping other bloggers out is the nice thing to do, and people notice.

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11) Are there posting widgets?

Yes - in the footer of the site there are links for Browser Shortcuts and Tools for Bloggers.

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12) What is the FanVsFan policy regarding external no follow links?

In general, we try to pass along link-love to all of our tracked blogs and other trusted sports sites. However, if a site has a Google PageRank of 0, we will use nofollow links until the site gets to a PageRank of 1 or more. We're happy to help you get from 1 to 5, but you'll need to get to 1 on your own.

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13) How do I view stories for my favorite players or teams?

At the top of the page there will be a search box. You can search for your favorite players and teams through this search functionality.

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14) How do I make someone a friend/rival on FanVsFan?

Click on any user name link or profile from a story or enter a user name into the search box in the header. On the profile page, click on the Add as a Rival button next to the FanVsFan stat sheet to send them a request. If they accept, you will both show up in each other's lists.

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15) How do I view stories submitted by my friends?

You have two options for viewing what your friends have submitted and or voted up:

  1. When viewing your rival list you can click the person you're wanting to view articles from. Once you get to their page click the "articles" tab.
  2. You can try searching for your friend in the search bar and then do above.
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16) How are Blog and Challenge rankings determined?

Your Challenge score is based on how many challenges you have participated in and what your record is and how many FanBowls you have been selected for and or won and how many comments and votes you have given to others. Your Blog ranking is determined by how many stories you've submitted and how many up votes and comments they receive.

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How to Score

Check out the How to Score page for more information.