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Tom Brady is the best Quarterback that ever lived



Tom Brady is the best Quarterback that ever lived




  • Did you say Aikman, Tito? Nobody with any intelligence is going to bring up Aikman in an argument against you. That'd be foolish. But how about Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana? Both have one more Super Bowl win than Brady, and unlike Brady, neither ever lost a Super Bowl. I think you can argue for an all-time standing in the top 5 for Brady, but even that might be difficult to unseat guys like Favre, Marino, Elway, Montana, Bradshaw, or Fran Tarkenton. Anyone who knows football knows being the "greatest" is NOT just about titles. Tarkenton was an amazing quarterback, a revolutionary passer and scrambler. Is he not top 10 because he didn't win a title? The guy REACHED three of them. That has to count for something. And if Peyton Manning is a choke-artist, what is Brady? No, he didn't give-up that touchdown to the Giants in the super bowl, but he only scored 14 points in that game. And short of that 50-TD season, Brady has never topped 28 touchdown passes in a season. His numbers are padded with that historical season, one that didnt even end with a championship. Sorry, Brady isn't the best. It's Montana or Favre.

  • Holy crap Grogan! Do you have to prove me right every single day! Just an experiment...try being objective. Start slow...something "the Yankees are going to finish ahead of the Red Sox in 2010." It will be amazing how therapeutic it can be if you just give it a try.

  • Clevelandfan- show your face coward

    • What in the world does that mean? Get on a plane and meet you at the front door...or stare into my computer screen from my lounge chair and spew out garbage like you? You're taking it all wrong...I'm just giving you some helpful advice...if you try being intellectually honest once in a while, your record might be better than 0-5.

  • No...stop taking potshots and get on cam...i realize its the middle of the month and your welfare check isnt due...but get a cheap webcam dude

    • Not to disappoint Grogan....but as you can probably already tell...I'm just "slightly" more educated than you. In fact, there is a good chance that you waited on me at some point in your life. Anyway, I did get on the cam...and you are not going to believe the subject matter. So let's see if your love of your sox can overcome your hate for me. Can you say "irony"...or do I need to get out a dictionary for you?

  • Wow. Some good stuff going on here. Tito as usual you are on the wrong end of the debate stick. It must hurt getting beat so much with such argumentative ease. There is no question that Mr. Bundchen is not only a hottie magnet, but is also a great quarterback. He is far from the best ever though. Lets not forget he has had some help in winning those championships. Between his defense and very good offensive scheme, spygate and the tuck rule, Brady has more luck and help than most Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. I will always admire Brady for his leadership, passion and overall game play. While I will remain extremely jealous of him for who he has for his wife and baby's momma. Like ClevelandFan said, take the Boston blinders off. While your favorite city has had a great ride over the past 15 years there are great players and teams all over this great nation of ours.

  • Funny McSpazz...i thought you got kicked out of here for being a maniac....your still here though,you just cant leave.....even after childlishly slamming fanvsfan on twitter and ur stupid blog....whayt happened to "im leaving"????

  • Cleveland clown- You have the mental dexterity of a soap are nowhere near mt level...ok, if there is sooo many QB's better than Brady, pick ONE..(that should be easy) and challenge me to a debate (start one) on why this guy is better.....after i take you behind the woodshed in the debate, maybe you will lighten up with your cowardice remarks....but you wont start a fancast calling me out, because, quite frankly, you're scared.

  • Please dont talk about fighting on here bro...i try to stay peaceful but i would drop you quicker than William Perry drops his pants after a KFC pigout

    • Don't let the suit fool you my man. Just because I don't wear t-shirts with the sleeves ripped off doesn't mean a thing. In fact, based upon what I can tell, the only thing you need to "drop" a few pounds.

  • Why does it say I reported Tito's comment, because I didn't. I could care less if he thinks my blog is stupid. Tito, all you have is your tough guy act. I'll let you keep it. As we see how well it works for you here on FanvsFan.