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Mets are BETTER then the Yankees




Mets are BETTER then the Yankees





  • Where are you getting your facts on average and Mets starting pitching has done better then the Yankees, check your stats, i never said Mets have better ERA as a team, i said starting pitching is better then the Yanks, which is true. If the Yankees were missing Tex and Granderson, you think they would be over .500? No damn way.

    • What is that supposed to mean, "if" they were missing those guys? The Yankees are such a deep team, I don't think it would matter. They're playing without their future Hall of Famer, their CAPTAIN Derek Jeter now, and they're doing great. Not to mention all the pitching injuries they are suffering, they're still better then your Mets.

  • i'm getting my facts from espn where are u getting urs? and stop asking weiny and random ppl on fb to vote for you, yankees have a better record, better team, and are overall better. how can u think the mets are better when they yankees beat their ass 2-1 in the series, and have a better record

  • correction btw, the Mets have a .321 OBP (while the yankees have a .345) they have a measely .381 SLG%, while the Yankees have .451. The stats and records prove the Yankees are better then the Mets, the only reason I am shockingly loosing this debate is because Jason here is asking random ppl on fb and twitter to vote for him.

  • yankees do have a better avg then the mets, and a better obp, AND a better slg%. i mispoke but that doesnt dispute the facts that are still present that disregard ur claim

  • jason did not ask i apogologize for that accusation it was a misunderstanding, his brother and friend voted for him but he nvr asked them too, i revoke that accusation

  • Again, this guy doesnt have his facts straight. In his video he said Yankees have .355 average, what team would ever have a .355 average?!?!? He doesn't have the facts straight. Mets starting pitching has been way better...

  • execuse me kind sir but if you would read the comment i corrected myself, i mispoke avg instead of OBP, and the mets do not have a stable starting pitching rotation, and overall pitching the yankees have the lower ERA

  • Yankees are better, they have the better record against the mets in the subway series this year and the last couple of years, and they have the better record overall.

  • oh, and their starting pitching has been sensational...Yanks? They have Brain Gordon dealing the ball...good luck Yanks..haha

    • Brian Gordon pitched almost 6 innings allowing just 2 runs, and the killer Yankees bullpen did the rest. The Yanks won that day. Gordon will only be here till Colon comes back. Oh and Phil Hughes will be returning soon as well, he won 18 games last year so that'll strengthen the team even more....the Mets cannot even compare.

  • rly the yankees suck, they have a better record then the mets, and beat them the last time. and were talking season long jason not just the last 30 days. but you wanna talk the last 30 days? fine, how many times have the mets blown a chance to reach .500 or get above .500, you tell me I believe you personally wrote a few articles about their embarrassing losses. I mean what team loses on a balk?

  • and are you saying the yankees starting pitchers suck, the yankees starting pitchers have combined for 31 wins, and 21 losses. the mets starting pitchers have combined for 26 wins and 25 losses. so if the yankees starting pitching is bad, then i guess that means the mets starting pitching is just plain garbage

  • Dont go with Rings, you realize Mets started in 1962 right? Yankees played in the early 1900's with less teams and talent then now. The Yankees won't win a World Series in a long time.

    • So even if you look at the Yankees from 1962 on, they still have WAY more Championships than the Mets...that argument makes no sense and it's no excuse. The Mets are not a "new" team. They just suck. Stop making excuses.

  • Better players? Who is better then Reyes? Jeter is just a fan favorite, not good player. A-Rod, RIGHT NOW, is better then Wright? No way. Gardner is better then Pagan, no chance....Starting pitching for the Mets is way better then the Yankees...WITHOUT SANTANA

    • Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Famer, so unless crappy players get in there, I'd say he's not too crappy. A-Rod is currently hitting .289 with 13 HR and 43 RBI, Wright is at a pitiful .226 with just 6 HR, and he's probably still afraid of getting hit in the head. Gardner happens to be hitting .294 this year, and an insane clip of .423 in June. Pagan is hitting just .253 on the year. Gardner's fielding percentage is also WAY better than Pagans at .993 with your Met is .973. CC Sabathia leads the league in wins with 9. Even with the injuries, the Yanks are still better than the Mets.

  • right you shouldnt be talking about 3 years ago. and right now this season the yankees lead the mets 2-1 in the series. A-Rod better then wright, Teixera 1000000x better then murphy, CC better then Santana/Niese/Pelfrey. and jason the yankees are definetly gonna win the world series b4 the mets. and lets talk ownership, the yankees had the best owner in baseball in George Ssteinbrenner RIP, and have his sons Hal and Hank who are also amazing owners. The mets, their own OWNER said the mest are shitty, and suck. Facts are facts, the yankees are a better team then the mets

  • oh and isn't this your article that talks about how the mets choke, lost, and couldn't get above .500

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  • The fact that this debate even exists is pretty sad. There is no question - the Yankees are better than the Mets. In like, every aspect. Last year when the Yankees played at Citi Field, they hit home runs. I remember Posada and Swish going the opposite way over that wall in left field. So don't use the Yankee Stadium as an excuse for their power. They are the Bronx Bombers, but they hit bombs all over the place. The Yankee bullpen, despite being bombarded with injuries, happens to have the best ERA in the AL. The starting rotation as well has been ravaged with injuries, so they dug deep and called upon guys like Brian Gordon, which is nothing to be ashamed of since he pitched well the other day. Not to mention, the Yankees are in the toughest division in baseball - the AL East. They're doing a pretty damn good job, and they're way better than the Mets.

  • This is an embarassing debate. Most Met fans understand that this is a rebuilding thing and they aren't a good team. They aren't going to the playoffs and are just trying to figure out how to make payroll. That's not to say there isn't talent there, but you are ultimately judged by wins and losses. Hard to argue your team is better when your record is not. THATS THE ONLY ARGUMENT I NEED SHAWN!!

  • Virginia, is that even a valid argument that AL EAST is a better divison, yes the Sox are good, but the Braves and Phillies lead the league in ERA...

    • Umm it definitely is. The Phillies are the best in that division, the Braves are only 7 games over .500, so they aren't THAT great but they're only in 2nd place because every other team there sucks. The Yankees, currently in 2nd, are 41-29. Better than the Braves. And look at everything else I commented above. There is no possible way you can answer back intelligently, unless you admit that BigBlue and I are right

  • Mouthofthesouthshore, rebuilding? Did you know anything about the Mets? Terry Collins just said last night, he believes his team are contenders right now, not rebuilding, we have the pieces to be successful and we do. July 1st we will really know if the Mets need to make payroll, because thats when the court hearing is. But, I am talking about now, Mets are better then Yanks, doesn't matter about future or past, right now the Mets have a better team...

  • yankees are in a division with the rays, blue jays, and red sox. and all ur arguments are crap the only fact that matters is record. the yankees have a better record then the mets and lead the mets 2-1 in the subway series, this debate is over

  • It's called coachspeak. No coach or manager is going to tell you that his team isn't going anywhere. You still want to keep the fan base excited about the product, even with impending maneuvers. This is a team in financial peril that will soon be selling off some assets. It's all but guaranteed that Beltran is moving, while names like K-Rod, Pelfrey, Reyes, maybe even Wright, Bay if they can get ANYTHING for him and others will be considered for trade. If say Reyes is not traded, the team may lose him in the offseason due to not having the finances to make a comparable offer to other teams. This happens every year. The Mets play a little above where they belong and the fanbase gets excited and thinks they can compete. Then, just as the trade deadline passes, the team remains out of contention, never to come close to sniffing the playoffs again. Look, the team has some guys that I'd keep around. I like Gee (liked him since last year), Niese I'd keep around, Ike Davis I'd keep around, and maybe Robinson Tejada. I'd honestly trade almost everyone else and build this team the right way. Pitching and defense will win in the Grand Canyon of the East Coast. As of now though, it's just silly to try and compare the two. You are talking about a stable franchise that's on pace to make the playoffs and an unstable franchise that may not be on pace to make payroll. I'm not a Mets hater because I have no reason to be, but to be naive and think they are a competitor, let alone a team on the Yankees level, is just silly.

  • facts are facts, yankees have better players, better ownership, more wins in the subway series, and a better record. u even admitted the mets are bad in YOUR OWN ARTICLE ON HERE, less then a week ago

  • The mets kid is only talking about statistics and anything else other than wins... THE FACTS ARE THE YANKEES WIN MORE GAMES, MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MAKES THEM BETTER (up to this point) there shouldnt be any arguments

  • uhh read the comments, and u obviously did not see both videos. cuz i gave a way better argument. yankees have a better record, beat the mest 2-1 in the series, and have a higher avg, obp, slg, era, etc... idiot

  • This kid just wont give up.. NOt only are u looking at stats that are legit .oo5 apart from eachother, but your judging by bias completely and you really have no idea what your talking about.. Will the mets win the world series this year? NO will the yankees? Its possible. The only debate you should be capable of having is the the mets are better than the pirates... That would be a close one.

  • I'm impressed this debate had this many comments...Great job and oh yeah..What are you SMOKING? The Yanks are in another class, another WORLD compared to The Debts

  • the only reason this has gotten so many comments is because its such an idiotic debate. And this guy wont listen to plain reason. The mets lead the league in tripples so theyre better? they Yankees havent been injured? there pitching staff?! The Yankees have an ace, you have Chris Capuano. I wonder if you seriously believe what your saying and if so thats just sad. Usually you can judge a team by their record, and if the records are some what similiar than you may be able to strike up a debate. The Mets arent just the joke of NY, Theyre the joke of baseball in general. "Were missing Angel Pagan" how many wins would a healthy Angel Pagan get you? Youll be lucky to finish about the Nationals this season