Shortstop is a premium defensive position. In fact, it is so important that often there are "all glove, no bat" type players there. I'm looking at you Alcides Escobar.  The defense first nature of the position leads to somewhat thin options in the fantasy world.

But what if I told you that there is a shortstop that has a 107 wRC+ mark since 2009; which would happen to be good for ranking 5th amongst shortstops during that time frame? And what if, and this is crazy, what if that same shortstop had a 2011 line of .290/.369/.413? Would you believe me that per, he is getting picked as the 16th shortstop, with an ADP of 213?

As a (thankfully) former insurance salesman, I feel like I can talk people into seeing my point of view, but not even I...