It's 2014.  After a phenomenal game against the Los Angeles Kings on New Years Eve, it appeared as if the Stars had things figured out.  The flu bug that was running rampant in the room was starting to clear itself out and defensemen Trevor Daley and Sergei Gonchar were on the mend and set to return from their respective injuries.  What could possibly go wrong?

Famous last words.

Dallas has lost 4 games in a row, being outscored in that timeframe 19-8.  They only netted 50% of the possible 10 points during their 5-game home stand.  They went from being one point out of the final playoff position to trailing Minnesota for the final wild card spot by 6 points.

Last night after falling to the New Jersey Devils 1-0, many of you had some strong opinions regarding the team:

Then you've got people who are clueless and unable to move on from the new jerseys:

So, with so many opinions, we'd like to know what you would do.  You've just been named the new general manager of the Dallas Stars.  In the comment section below, tell us what moves you would make.  They can be immediate changes to valut the Stars into the playoffs this year or moves to improve the team over the next few years.