The New Year's Eve win against the Kings, 3-2, lead fans into believing that 2014, coincidentally the Year of the Benn would be a good way to start the second half of the season. Although, Jamie Benn has been performing better in the last five games, registering three goals and one assist, his team hasn't.

The Stars have lost their last three games to start off 2014, 6-4 to the Canadiens, 5-1 to Detroit, and 7-3 to the Islanders. The Stars play at home is definitely not strong as opposed to the play on the road stats wise and they continue to push games into shootout or overtime that could be easily be finished in 60. With the return of Gonchar and Daley to the lineup, the defense is slowly piecing back together but still has some work to do. With the rough start early on this year, the team has a chance to redeem themselves Thursday on the road in New Jersey.

The team currently has a 20-15 record and is still looking for that chance to make it into playoffs. Is the Year of the Benn good luck for this young, enthusiastic team? Judging by the amount of players we have on Olympic teams, it surely couldn't hurt.