The Yankees are not messing around this offseason.  Amidst all the news about them signing Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven year $153 million contract with an option for an 8th season, they also signed utility infielder Kelly Johnson. The deal is worth $3 million for one year. Joel Sherman broke the story first. 

To be fair, it is hard not to like the moves the Yankees have made so far. They have brought in Brian McCaan, Jacoby Ellsbury and now Kelly Johnson who will give you about 16 home runs a season.  

Johnson  is the type of player who can play second, third or left field and provides power from the left side. Whether or not he will be Cano's replacement should he leave, is another question for another day.  I think the Yankees hope for two things 1) Cano comes back at their price or 2) if he doesn't, Infante would likely be their plan B. 

In the last few seasons, Johnson has averaged 16 home runs and with the short porch in right is bound to hit more than 16.  His swing, Ellsbury's swing and McCaans swing are all tailored for Yankees Stadium.

Stay tuned...