WOW JUST WOW! The Yankees strike once again and sign Carlos Beltran to a three year deal worth $45 million. Mark Fiensand broke the news and Yahoo Sports broke how much the deal was worth. 

Again, the Winter Meetings haven't even started yet! 

The same day the Yankees lost Cano to the Mariners, they locked up another star player in Carlos Beltran.

Raise your hand if you saw this coming after his meetings in KC? If you said yes, you are a psychic.

The Yankees line-up is once again as dominate as ever in the last decade.  The additions of McCann, Ellsbury, Johnson and Beltran will provide much needed power and a lot of fear for opposing pitchers. 

With Beltran in the mix one has to wonder how much longer Brett Gardner will be on the team with Alfonso Soriano likely the starting left fielder. They both can DH which is another plus to the signing.  It also likely takes them out of the bidding for Shin-Soo Choo. Then again, the way this off-season is going never say never.

Heading into Monday, if we get there without anymore moves being made (laughs), the focus for the Yankees are to secure the rotation, find a full time second baseman and a third baseman.

Stay tuned...