With a season so disappointing, it is a shame to see two of the greatest pitchers retire. However, all good things must come to an end and with the departure of Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, greatness comes crashing down.  

I wrote back in March, that this was going to be a long season and it was. Here is what I had to say:

"After traveling to Tampa with my father for our annual father son spring training weekend (which included some great restaurants, Datz and Ocean Prime) it became apparent to us that this upcoming season will indeed be a long season.

After loosing Curtis Granderson in the first exhibition game on the first pitch he saw and then losing Mark Teixeira to a wrist injury at the World Baseball Classic and their combine 80 home runs, it became clear that this team was going to struggle majorly to score runs. 

This, remember is after losing Alex Rodriguez for most of the season, which is a major blow to the offense as well.  My father and I saw what amounted to a Triple A team... Yikes! For this team to be successful they will have to rely on their pitching staff which is led by CC Sabathia.

The once proud franchise will struggle to win and score runs thus in my mind either barely making the playoffs or do I dare say missing the playoffs all together? Unfortunately, yes.  The team I grew up loving has rarely missed the playoffs since 1998.

Hal Steinbrenner, has repeatedly stated that he wants to maneuver the teams budget to $189 million, but will a horrible season change that? Probably.  If the Yankees fail to make the playoffs or get off to an awful start what becomes of manager Joe Girardi? Does he get fired or does he stay?

And speaking of the budget... what are the Yankees going to do with Robbie Cano and Curtis Granderson after this season as they are both free agents and are likely to command multi-year deals.  Cano's agent is the hard-nose agent Scott Boras, who will likely try to get Robbie a 10 year deal ( I wouldn't go longer then 7 years).

Will Hal Steinbrenner stay true to the aforementioned budget of $189 million or will he cave and spend money if the team falters this year.

Stay tuned... But I warn you the team I saw in Tampa just couldn't hit."

Folks, what my father and I witnessed back in March turned out to be nothing but the truth. The mere fact that the Yankees ended with over a .500 record is absolutely amazing. Watching this team day in and day out was almost laughable.  The hitting was anemic, the pitching couldn't hold up and there were errors being made left and right.  It made me wonder if this was the same kind of team I grew up watching and loved to watch on a daily basis.  

I'll admit losing Granderson and Teixeria for most of the season hurt. The Yankees never really sent out an "A" line-up.

The addition of Alfonso Soriano and Mark Reynolds were huge! The power they brought to the line-up was greatly needed.  However, there was a downside as they strikeout more then they should.

It is hard to predict next season as there are many unknowns.  But one thing is for certain. I feel that barring any major additions this team will have difficulty even reaching 80 wins as their minor league system is so poor. 

Stay tuned folks the next bit of news will likely be about the decision on A-Rods suspension. However, if they re-sign any players I will post that as well.