Industry experts believe that this year's fashion jewelry pop elements highlighted four major trends.


Theatrical hairband


Spring and summer season in 2010,The most worth mentioning is hairband. Perhaps the jewelry trend has return which from the 1980s style, it had a strong influence on fashion jewelry trend, started from last autumn winter, the designer began to pursued the head ornaments , this trend is  difficult to control. Until this spring summer, in the T stage, the red blanket, Party, the head ornaments which is dazzling or weird has become the role in dress up ,so The best way to dress up is to put on a unique head ornaments.


Style luminescent spot: Exaggeration! Exaggeration! Exaggeration! The head ornaments seem in this year have some “not to be so impractical”, so long as matching correctly, it can make you are looking fabulous.   

materials selection : Formerly mentioned the head ornaments ,It makes everyone recall the material qualities is the cloth skills, the glistens the gem, the tinsel knitting, the feather, the flower bud silk and so on are the pop material quality entirely superior in this year.


pop elements - simple, natural, generous


The costume jewelry in this season is still popular with  gigantic and sincere primarily.the ultra big exaggeration's jewelry can always attract people's vision after all, and This will make your subject look slimmer. But the kind of spacious brief style and the smooth line are the Pop elements of fashion jewellery in 2010 .


Style luminescent spot: Exaggeration, luxurious, strange design, completely obviously the play stage style, in addition the ultra great size, intensely attacks the vision.   


materials selection: Regardless of the material quality is the metal, the stone material, the chiolite, the fur article or plastic,the bigger the better .


characteristic: waterfall style, Dangling Charm jewelry, the fluent line and so on are the Pop elements of fashion jewellery in 2010.


It is a new era. Past color is no longer suited to mix the  colored gemstone jewelry. Not only sole scarlet, the black, the white, the valuable blue color, the purple and so on become the mainstream color department, the yellow, the purple, the blue color, the green are also become the fashion trend color.


Flower and Grass color 


style luminescent spot: The beautiful riotous color not only presents above the flowers and plants, some geometry shape jewelry's colored utilization is big luminescent spot in this year . 


materials selection : The colored crystal is Pop material in this year, not only the penetrability is good, the refractive index is high , the color is also exceptionally rich.but also the  the color is the pop elements . 


design characteristic: The unpredictable nature is designer's doting on as before in this spring summer, they are not only pauses in the flowers and plants , but also be loved in the insect, the bird, the marine life and so on .they are also becomes Inspiration origin.


Fashionable spatial principle    


futurism sense of space, the creativity culture's totem design, the powerful and fantastic  design is the hot style in this year . The gentle curve and the science fiction color will define futurism brand-new. The sculpture, the building, the geometry, optics, the three dimensional angle of view as well as the science fiction element ,they become the creativity jewelry's fountainhead.


style luminescent spot: The outline is succinct, is smooth, line gentle, lively free, the sex characteristic trend is fuzzy. The color performance acme, monochromatic presents or the black and white contrast, See it in the colour of this year.


materials selection : The fine steel material quality, the pure wood, the bone are prime, Everything one can imagine can be found in this year.


design characteristic: Absolute subversion convention.  the styles which are the asymmetrical designs, a thing multipurpose and so on are the key factors of fashion handmade jewelry in this year.


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