The use of ornaments to wear out the charm of transmission, we must stress that the techniques and methods. For example there is no modification of the woman with the ornaments, as if there is no decoration of the house, even though practical beauty. But even if there are good or bad decoration, there are also vulgar elegance, and women wear ornaments effect is the same reasoning. The charm of each person is different, and only according to their own conditions, their environment and the particular circumstances of different occasions to harmonization in order to maximize the dissemination of the fashion jewelry when its own unique charm. Whether wearing the kind of ornaments, in the style of choice, pay attention to one principle is the need to meet the size, facial and clothing and beauty. For example, a short face, and necklace to wear a little longer, but also into a vertical-type earrings. Long face, who should be shorter necklace, earrings are also to keep pace with the form of better. Size tall people can wear more jewelry, forms a little bigger. Reflect the petite person, accessories suitable for small, meticulous. Wear thick clothes and ornaments worn by large and heavy to be elected. Wear thin clothes and ornaments worn, they should be selected lightweight. The young girls, it is best not to wear class jewelry like pearl jewelry of ornaments. Popular choice as far as possible, so as for you young for Love. Even very simple clothing accessories, but also will express elegance and graceful, give birth to taste, radiation youthful vigor. Mature female, occasionally wear popular accessories like coral jewelry as there is little embellishment, but also some popular accessories for the unique taste, just reflect their own unique preferences, different. Of course, mainly based on real jewelry. If the economic capacity would not be allowed to be rather lacking nor bad. Otherwise, it will not reflect the charm, it will seem frivolous dissipated. In the evening wear accessories to exquisite detail, and even a little elegant to bright light is suitable. During the day then go out for clothing and personal preferences can be. As long as an expression of individuality, to achieve the purpose of decoration, we can naturally emit your glory. You can wholesale various fashion handmade jewelry on . wholesale jewelry online.It offers pearl jewelry,gemstone jewelry,crystal jewelry,coral jewelry and so on.All the items are cheap jewelry. Please enter your sole discount coupon code(Ay9902) when submit order at AYpearl. Then you can enjoy the special discount.