Do you want to know  the fashion jewelry collection  trend in 2010 year? what style is the most worth anticipating? What style  is most worth to collecting? This paper will brings you the forecast comprehensively about the newest jewelry tidal current!


1. ever-changing basic style   

Even the boldest designer also very clear classics always cannot be obsolete. The people always earnestly seek the most basic design, no matter what is the immediately fashionable tidal current , regardless of the simple ring or the neat metal chain link are all popular. But, the classics are not equal to monotonously, in 2010 the designers take the creativity to design and take a broad view at the new combination way. Each kind of size, the shape and the different proportion's chain link "fit together"in fashion costume jewelry trend, the distortion metal design is everywhere.


2. Puts on jewelry coat  for the electron

the digit and the electronic installation is becoming more and more valued by people, in the tidal current ,the human wants put on the own individuality mark for MP3, the handset, the U plate and so on , so the cute quartz and the gem become the best choice without doubt .


3. Artistic and manual return fashionable stage   

the high-quality jewelry's essence is inseparable with art and the manual craft, although the modern jewelry design relies on the computer, but the consumer  prefer the handmade jewelry. The new artistic judgment and the manual craft, mix various noble metal and the gem, as well as other natural or artificial material quality,it can build the entirely different artistic atmosphere.


4. geometry shape   

the geometrical shape always to fill the future feeling, the spheroidal, the square shape or the polygon has brought the infinite creativity. The advanced mosaic technology causes in the 3D shape that covers  the gem entirely to become possibly, each kind of circular cutting and the pearl use causes the color and the shape obtains the perfect unification.


5. theatrical luxurious    

In the 1950s, if movie stars has not worn the  luxurious jewelry sets, they will leave behind own beautiful figure in no way face the camera lens.  the large-scale high-quality jewelry that Fills the play feeling  is the  most loved by women forever. When a woman marches into the room, only needs a model of incomparably startled colorful necklace, sufficiently explained herself. The exaggerating style, The great diamond , the big gemstone is the exaggerating subject which is never eternal.


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