Necklace wide variety of uniquely shaped, with a strong decorative. For all kinds of necklace to wear proper can play avoid weaknesses of the modification.


In the wear necklaces, they should note the following aspects:

1. Necklaces and clothing

Wear necklaces and clothing should be harmony and echo. Such as: wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, wearing exquisite sketch a delicate necklace, looks will be even more impressive. Necklace color and clothing color and contrast color is better, there could be a sharp contrast. If you wear black dress, you can wear pearl necklace.

2. Different face shapes are suitable for necklace

For the average women, a short necklace can face widened, neck thicker. Therefore, the face and neck a little longer for women to wear necklaces like coral necklace. Square face, short neck, slightly longer women should wear the necklace to match wearing a collar larger, low-point T-shirt, so necklace fully exposed, thereby increasing the sense of beauty.

3. Necklace and skin

If you are a fair-skinned women, it can wear light-colored diamonds or gemstone necklacecan also wear darker emerald necklace that can bring out your white skin. If your skin is slightly dark, choose gold, K gold, ruby and sapphire necklace and so on, you can dilute the color play a role, adding healthy and sense of beauty.

4. Necklace with age, identity

In general, young girls wear

crystal necklaceprimarily to add beauty and delicate youth are advised to wear thin gold chain, a number of non-precious stones (including k gold chain), it will give people with slim and beautiful feeling. In older women wear necklaces, in addition to decorative carriage outside the beauty, more elegant and poised that meaning, and therefore some of necklace to wear thicker is better.

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