In jewelry shoppong, what is your favorite jewelry? Here are some introduction to handmade jewelry in fashion jewelry shops.


1. Shape: crystal common spherical shape of a round, oval-shaped, oval, circular, and so long to circle for the best.

2. crystal jewelrycolors are white, yellow-white, light pink, purple, light blue, orange, but different color depth. Generally speaking, the purchase pearlescent rich, rich color, a single color soft for good. In Europeto butter color, light pink pearl most valuable, but from a practical point of view, with white pearls is the best, it is suitable for a variety of skin color wear kimono.

3. Luster: Austrian jewelry luster is the identification value of the pearls important factors, the often-mentioned "Pearly" or "jewelry" refers to the case of pearl luster. If pearls or placed in the shadow of the dark, could significantly shiny, glittering, dazzling for the top grade; if rainbow-colored and light shining pearl sense of the value of the maximum.

4. Size: pearl bead usually 1-10 mm diameter, the greater the pearl head, a round-shaped, color-light, the more valuable.

At present, wearing a handmade jewelry for more people to purchase the necklace should pay special attention to this on the effect of color.

Color yellow and desalination, should buy butter color, golden yellow, and brown Meiguise desalination.

Color red and white, it should be optional white, purple, pink, silvery white, gray.

And the deep-brown color, to buy blue, gray, dark purple or brown.

With the length ofgemstone jewelry: narrow faces of the people should choose shorter necklace, broad faces of the people should choose necklace.

Generally speaking, the long faces were elected to the coarse or double sets, three sets of fashion jewelry , or necklace beads and sinkers, Earring Stick to round, faces significant short or shorter than the round faces, are advised to wear long pendant , optional vertical lines of a chain, leveraged Erzhui played elongated facial effect seeds face type of jewelry or Edanlian great choice, the right to watch; is 1.30 have to face charges snacks, and most can be used to cover up larger Erzhui jaw, the upper temples optional Fazan increased width, with a view to long chain elongated faces, extraordinary effects.


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