Classification of pearl into seawater pearl beads in accordance with commercial practices to talk about drops three types of man-made beads.


1, the sea water pearls: China's water pearls produced in the North Bayand the southeast coast. Guangxi Hepu pearls in history represented by the title, "Hepu Dubbed the pearl beads out of Western Europe were the West beads, beads out of Japanare for the East." The international community has always been that "the West than the East Pearl beads, the East than pearl beads." Sea water pearls are generally round shape, which is the best shape of pearls. China in ancient times known as the "walking plate bead", that is a little movement on the disk, you can roll freely, Hepu pearl roundness is good, and capsules shine, collections go plate.

Seawater pearl jewelry was a better chance of round freshwater pearls high, this is determined by its internal concentric ring structure of the decision. Water beads beautiful and elegant, largely attributed to its luster. Translucent beads of water quality was a sense, giving a soft hazy beauty, in the short-wavelength ultraviolet light under the bright light blue, white, yellow, pink fluorescence, X line yellow white and green phosphor. Seawater pearl color to white, yellow mostly, body colors such as red, blue, purple, brown, black and other colors, 3 ~ 5 mm in diameter in order to account for more than 65% up to about 8 mm in diameter for more than a rare treasure, excellent good quality water beads in grams Hedonic Price, the value of far more than gold.

2, freshwater pearls: Freshwater Pearl mainly in the southern Chinaregion, in recent years, China's freshwater sterile beads made quick progress, South, East along the rivers and lakes, ponds and other anodonta sterile beads have become an important means of wealth in rural areas. Colored freshwater pearls study the success of their bright colors and many different shape, the output is high, but in value, in addition to more than 8 mm outside treasures, and a far cry from seawater pearls. Be noted that the freshwater pearl beads are genuine kind. Only Anodonta Health beads, pearls than the sea water value and quality of a poor grade, but not fake beads thesis. Freshwater Pearlbeads generally easier to identify and seawater. Pearl color is better than to talk about water drops, and more than freshwater pearls big, round shape. Smooth surface should be also better water beads, fresh water bead surface often Le waist, strokes wrinkles, the most common form of oval-shaped, irregular-shaped. Freshwater Pearl boundary layer was not obvious, the majority of non-bead core. However, good quality fresh water pearls are also round or nearly round, the surface has a natural jade-green or color. If you have chosen a set of your color, hair color, style, fresh water Pearl jewelry to match, both decent and generous, inexpensive, do not have some fun.

3, artificial pearls: simulation of artificial pearls is good, so hard to sell when the true and false. On the market generally have solid glass imitation beads, paint beads, mother of pearl beads. At first sight these imitation bead is very beautiful, careful look at the color of dull, dull, feel lighter, easy peeling, low-value commodities. Can not be compared with the above two kinds of pearls.

intuitive method: pearl with natural texture, in any case can also see that the non-uniform color luster, shape, shaped mostly garden, garden-degree varies a string of pearl necklace, bead size differences, and has a natural colored pearl luster. Degree of artificial pearls park rules, drilling Department has small piece or convex surface of the phenomenon of skin shedding. Color uniform, dull monotone.

hand touching, sniffing law: Pearl there is a sense of cool, mild heating and tasteless mouth on the breath, pearl-like surface of mist. Artificial pearls are creamy hand-feeling a sense of warm feeling, mild heating smelly, the place will close the mouth, showing water and gas.

bounce method: the pearls fall from a height of 60 cm in the glass on the rebound height of 20 ~ 25 cm. Under the same conditions, artificial pearls bounce straight to 15 cm below and worse than the Pearl.

larger observation: Using an ordinary magnifying glass or the naked eye, a closer look carefully, can be found pearl surface texture, can see the crystallization of calcium carbonate growth state, as if the striated sand dunes by the wind. manmade pearl  like eggs, can only see the jagged surface, like the monotony of the state.


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