Talk about the skin care, people’s first reaction is cosmetics ,Few people will think of gold, diamonds, pearls and other jewelry, in fact, the gold and silver jewelry is now also become skin care as raw materials.
It is said that as early as 6000 BC, the Egyptians already knew use pearls and red coral made into a paste,and then smear it on the body, face and hair, It is used to maintain skin and hair.
They have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and development of This technology. According to expert presentations, gold, pearls and diamonds as the cosmetic ingredients for skin care products, not only plausible, but they have a unique effect in fact.Now we will briefly analyze the beauty effectiveness of pearl .

Key words: anti-aging

Pearl Ingredients: Pearl has always be regarded as rare treasure, It have three main applications:One can be used as medicinal, two can be used for decoration, the three can be used for cosmetic beauty. Analysis of modern pharmacology, the pearl is the main component of keratin, a variety of amino acids, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium silicate, as well as silver, selenium, manganese, zinc, copper and other trace elements; in these elements, many elements have a role in beauty effectiveness of skin.

Skin Effects: Pearl has always been considered the treasures of skin care , It can provide adequate nutrients to the skin, to remove excess grease and dirt, and keep skin moisture , nutrition,fresh, brisk, compact and soft. It contains protein which can improve the lack of flexibility and Prevent dry skin.

pearl jewelry can be use as oral drugs ,it Should also maintain has ease of mind, alternates work with rest, avoids the spiritual excessively mental strain!It can also promote skin blood circulation to treat spots,Pearl can purify the blood. Possess the ability of oil control, pores tightening and acne prevention effects.

Special Recommendation: Pearl ingredients can be anti-aging. It contains alcohol free and can be easily absorbed, thus to make skin whitening and constringe pores, also balance the natural moisture of skin.For example, contains pearl powder, almond essence, vitamin E, and glycyrrhizic acid, can be activated epidermal cell metabolism, providing nutrition to the skin to reduce skin wrinkles.

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