Different crystal have different special effects to human body. Pls see below details.


White Crystal: (Crystal King)

Important effect: protect the house from evil, get rid of symptoms of illness, flowers and repair Ling, Pak Fuk Chun Sang.

Amethyst: (spiritual Crystal)

Important effect: development of intelligent, progressive intuitive, helpful margin, keep calm, increase popularity.

Yellow Crystal: (Fortune Crystal)

Important effect: prosperity,wealth, strengthen the gastrointestinal effects.


Phantom Crystal: (cause crystal)

Important effect: the invention cause of wealth, mainly money, wealth, satisfied wealth.

Backbone Crystal: (psychic crystal therapy Crystal)

Important effect: meditation, spirituality, healing, super fierce magnetic field, and strengthen the lower body effect (Harbour round).


Olivine : (smoky quartz, ink crystal)

Important effect: strengthening the human Harbour round, helping rejuvenate.


rutilated quartz : (prestige Crystal)

Important effect: promotion of courage, an increase of arbitrary.



Rainbow Crystal: (happy Crystal)

Important effect: the hope of hearts be satisfied.


rose quartz: (Lotus Crystal, love Crystal)

Important effect: the promotion of marriage, to improve the emotional.

red cinnabar crystals: (Gain Crystal)

Important effect: all the benefits can be increased.


Titanium Crystal: (Rutilated)

Crystal in the metal containing titanium dioxide, may help gas, keep fit, help wealth, can bring unexpected Fortune.



Purple yellow crystal: (Crystal Harmony)

Amethyst  encounter the outside of the different temperature, then form the crystal.


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