Thanks to wrestlezone for the results:

WWE Monday Night Raw
Air Date: July 29, 2013
Laredo, TX

-Vince McMahon kicks off Raw with Brad Maddox, and cuts a heel promo on Daniel Bryan. The #1 contender comes out and tells Vince to listen to the WWE Universe. Vince is left standing in the ring, listening to the crowd chant "YES!" 

(1) The Shield def. Mark Henry & The Usos. After the match, Henry clears the ring and destroys the Shield by himself. 

(2) Rob Van Dam def. Fandango via count-out

-Backstage segment with AJ Lee and Big E Langston. 

(3) Kaitlyn def. AJ Lee in a non-title match. 

-Dolph Ziggler came out and made fun of the romance between AJ and Langston, before challenging Big E to a match. 

(4) Christian def. Alberto del Rio in a non-title singles match, with a roll-up. The world champion got a decent pop, despite being the heel, as Laredo has a large Mexican population. 

(5) Cody Rhodes def. Wade Barrett. Damien Sandow out afterwards to cut a promo on Cody. 

(6) Daniel Bryan def. Kane. He countered the chokeslam into a roll-up to get the win. 

-After the match, Kane chokeslams Bryan. The Wyatt Family comes out and Kane goes after them, but the numbers are too much. Bray Wyatt cuts a promo in the ring afterwards. 

(7) Brie Bella def. Natalya

(8) Curtis Axel def. R-Truth. 

-After the match, CM Punk attacks Axel. Paul Heyman escapes, and Punk continues the attack on Axel. 

-Backstage, Triple H gets into an argument with Vince McMahon and Stephanie about the way Daniel Bryan is being treated. 

(9) John Cena def. Ryback in a tables match. 

-Daniel Bryan comes down and hands Cena the WWE Championship. The show ends with Bryan starting another "YES!" chant with the crowd, and Cena leaving looking upset.