With rumors suggesting that NXT is moving over to Florida, and being rebranded as WWE SUPERSTAR SHOWDOWN. I would like to post a NXT roster up. I know WWE.com has a nxt roster, but i feel it is unaccurate, so i am going to put a tribute for NXT.

Derrick Batemen- Face

Batemen is the last remaining rookie of the show, and he was a great addition also. Debuting in the summer of Punk, Batemen has gone from heel to face. He had a feud with the then-face Titus O'Neil which lasted for a couple of months. He was then put into a storyline relationship with former NXT diva Maxine. He was then put into a tag team with Johnny Curtis, sort of like ZIGSWAG. The alliance quickly fell, and the two feuded for Maxine. Maxine would soon leave Batemen for Curtis, and Batemen fell for Kaitlyn. He is now the face of NXT, and his future looks bright.


Maxine - Heel

Diva Action! Maxine basically has her own show in NXT, and is constantly feuding with random divas in the show, providing for some decent matches. She debuted as Batmens girlfriend, she quickly left him for the Ex- Nxt winner Johnny Curtis. She then went on to try to woo Sir William Regal, which failed quite miserably. She is now in a storyline where she has to be handcuffed to Johhny Curtis everytime she is on NXT. She also appeared on the latest episode of Raw, losing to Layla and Kelly Kelly.


Tyson Kidd - Face

Although not an official member of the roster, Tyson Kidd wrestles on NXT every week. He had an excellent feud with Michael McGillicutty, in which Kidd prevailed, although he is kind of feuding with McGillicutty now, the heat of the feud has kind of faded off. Tyson Kidd has one of the best technical skills in the buisness, and would be a good addition to WWE Superstar Showdown.


Reks And Hawkins - Heels

Reks and Hawkins although fired, are the resident bad boys of NXT. Rekking Havoc and causing chaos. These veteran goons do everything they can to go to the main roster. After the impressive showing on WWE Superstars against Santino and Ryder, there dreams may finally come true.


Precy Watson - Face

Percy Watson excites the fans with his constant charisma and his fun-loving character. Although he may not be a rookie, he is an NXT regular and has proved to be one of their main stars by competing each week in an exciting showdown one way or another. He was brought on to the show as Titus O'Neils tag team partner, but has since gone solo, and even tagged with A-RY on a few occassions.


Tamina - Face

Taminas broot character has gone down in NXT history. Although she is a face, dont expect her to play nice! Her agressive behaviour helps her defeat her opponents in malicious fashion each time she faces off in the squared circle.

Johnny Curtis - Heel

The season 4 winner of NXT has found his way back to his roots. He has become an NXT regular after debuting the show. He has since tried to wreck havoc to the roster, expecially against ex-rival Derrick Batemen. He is now forced to be handcuffed to former love, Maxine, each week on NXT. 


Michael McGillicutty - Heel

Michael Mcgiilicutty has been impressive after his debut on his show. Some people found him and Otunga boring and dull during there tag team reign, but after watching NXT, nobody can find this guy dull anymore! He is an excellent heel with his brutish ways and his malicious strenght. He tried to bully the much smaller Tyson Kidd by sayin he is no Hart, and will never live up the name of the Dungeon. Kidd Proved him wrong and beat Mcgillicutty in a rubber match, That was one of the best matches in NXT History! You guys should watch is ASAP!


Kaitlyn- Face

Kaitlyn is now somehow Daniel Bryan's lover, but at the same time Batemens? I smell a cheater in NXT. How will this little ex-winner tell Batemen that she is now with Bryan? 


JTG has recently gotten a new look on NXT, aswell as a new manager. Will JTG keep Alicia Fox as a manager whenever he crosses over to Raw and Smackdown. We shall soon find out when this past hoodlum, goes with his new ways to the bigger shows.

USOS - Faces

These tag teamers and sons of Rikishi did not appear in NXT as of late. But these guys do add excitment in the tag team division for sure!


Alex Riley - Face

Say it to my face!!! A-RY has been dominant over his role on NXT. He hasrecently been attacked by what he said was McGillicutty, but Watsons tassels were found on the scene of the crime? Who was responsible for the attack of A-Ry? McGillicutty or Watson?


Too bad this excellent show will be gone, but however WWE SUPERSTAR SHOWDOWN will be a blast for sure, and might get a tv deal. This is my first article so please comment and watch out for more articles by me. Thanks for reading! And thats a Wrap!