Good day NXT fans! Tonight’s episode of NXT was another good one, featuring in-ring and out-of-ring debuts, quality wrestling action and Bo Dallas getting beaten up. You know, everything that makes a good television show. Let’s get to it.

NXT opened with a triple threat #1 Contender’s match for the NXT title between Leo Kruger, Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn. Kruger ended up winning after stealing a pinfall on Zayn. Bo Dallas defeated Scott Dawson in a non-title match but got beaten down by Kruger after the bell. Bayley vs Charlotte was preceded by a Ric Flair promo. Woo! Charlotte won her debut, which we’ll discuss later. Sheamus, of all people, talked to the interview man backstage but got jumped by the Wyatt Family. Tyler Breeze had a little vignette, but again we’ll talk about that in a minute.

In the main event Adrian Neville and Corey Graves won the NXT tag team titles, defeating the Wyatt family after Sheamus came down and took out the interfering Bray Wyatt!

Does the description read like a short episode? Because it really felt like a short episode. Maybe it was all the excitement? Cue the bold titling!

It’s like a main event sandwich!

Good wrestling opened and closed NXT this week, which is the way it should be, dammit! Seriously though, the three wrestlers involved in the opening match put together a pretty bad-ass bout, complete with a couple sweet three-man spots and enough audible body contact to please even Kenta Kobashi. The true main event brought the goods with an amazing offensive flurry by Adrian Neville after the hot tag, during which Neville busted out something resembling a phoenix splash from the second rope. That’s nuts. Sheamus ended up coming out (because of the earlier incident) but only to negate Bray Wyatt’s cheating presence. That freed up Neville to win the titles back! Yeah, Corey Graves was there too, but I like to think this is all about Neville getting back his tag straps from the men who damn near killed his actual friend Oliver Gray and ended Neville’s championship run way too early. And of course this gives the Wyatt family the chance to ride off into the shadows of the core WWE programming.

….yey wrestling!

Yes, its lady’s night, alright.

I liked tonight’s diva’s match. It wasn’t long but it was crisp, impressive and fun. Charlotte really is one of the most athletic women to come into the WWE in quite a while. She and Bayley were able to incorporate that raw athleticism into their wrestling match smoothly, something that isn’t all that easy if you think about it. If you’re curious, Charlotte won with a flipping facebuster, basically a flipping RKO to a downed but rising opponent. It was pretty sweet.

On a side note, Bayley got an ass. And I’m okay with it. And her character is still working.

Look a narcissistic male wrestler appeared.

I happen to know he’s going to be called Tyler Breeze, but a blonde guy with a high voice, scratch that, a very high voice debuted tonight in a backstage vignette. We didn’t get to see his face, but he admitted to being a male model and was looking at himself in the mirror the whole time. Apparently we get to see him next week.

Now, I also happen to know that this guy is/was Mike Dalton. Dalton might be best remembered on NXT as the blonde guy who usually jobbed but occasionally displayed excellent agility and athletic ability. He was trained by Lance Storm (along with Emma and Slyvester Lefort) and this is his new character, the thing that’s gonna make him work within the WWE landscape.

And that was NXT! Three good matches, new wrestlers, new champions and everybody hating Bo Dallas. Watch it!