Last week's show ended with CM Punk and Jerry Lawler in the ring, after an intense promo exchange with John Cena.  Punk demanded an apology and to be called "best in the world", but Lawler refused.  For his troubles, Lawler got a boot to the head.  What happens tonight?

Triple H is slated to be on the show though tonight.  Is he done, officially, tonight?

Show Open:

They recap the ending of last week's show first.

Lawler makes his way to the ring, and he says he needs to get something off his chest.  Lawler said he remembered what he said at Raw 1000, and decided that he should apologize for it out of respect for the WWE Championship.  He did that, and he was rewarded with a kick to the head.  Lawler wants an apology this week.

Lawler stares up the entrance and the fans chant for Punk.  His music hits and here comes the WWE Champion to a decent reaction.  Punk wants to know why Lawler wants an apology for Punk doing his job.  Punk says he's justified for attacking The Rock for disrespect and Lawler for slandering the beloved champion.  This was met with a mixed chorus.

Punk apologizes that all it takes to get in the hall of fame is to have the kind of career that Lawler had.  Punk mocks all of Lawler's shortcomings and accomplishments, then says he's sorry for the man that Lawler is.

Punk calls Lawler for looking mad and asks if he wants to fight.  Punk says that Lawler is only a commentator and Punk is best in the world, and he would embarrass Lawler.  Lawler says he came out here for an apology, not a fight.  Punk says he can tell that Lawler actually wants a fight.  Punk says he has no problem with that fight.

Punk says that by the end of the night, Lawler would be embarrassed, either because Punk beat the crap out of him or because Lawler put his tail between his legs.  Punk exits up the ring, yelling "respect" at the fans.  Lawler eventually speaks up, saying that he would think about it.

Punk is doing a good heel program right now - I just think they should have gone with the quick turn rather than a slow burn.

Match #1 - Jack Swagger vs. Ryback

Swagger got no entrance and was in the ring while Cole talks about his losing streak.  Ryback's music has been updated a bit.

Ryback drops Swagger with a clothesline and keeps power offense up.  Swagger tries to get the Ankle Lock in a hope spot but it doesn't last long.  Ryback goes right on offense, hitting another big clothesline then hits his Fisherman's Muscle Buster spot to get the win.

Swagger fumes after the match as fans make comments at him.

Nothing all that important.  The announcers  kept their focus on Swagger's losing streak.  So maybe this signifies a feud for Ryback?

Cole hypes that Triple H will be up later in the show and might hang his boots up.  Cole prods Lawler for an answer on facing Punk, but Lawler sticks to his "thinking about it" stance.