With being unable to make it to the Windy City to watch the match in person, you will have to find another way to watch Lesnar vs. Cena in addition to the other matches being held at the fourth annual edition of Extreme Rules.

The WWE gives you plenty of options to choose from in how you want to watch tomorrow’s event ( WWE Extreme Rules 2012) , along with all the others through the year.

In the obvious first way to watch, you can order the pay-per-view by calling your local satellite provider, either it being DirecTV or Dish Network, to be able to watch the event.

After looking at the prices, the cheaper route to go with if you order from one of these two providers would be Dish Network who offers Extreme Rules for $49.99 in high-definition compared to the $54.99 from DirecTV.

If you’re like me and do not get television through a satellite provider, you can watch Extreme Rules through a variety of cable providers like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Bright House Network and Charter among others across the country.

With everyone not being able to be home to watch Extreme Rules, the WWE also gives you the option to watch online on their Web site on your laptop or desktop computer.

In a cool feature listed on WWE.com, the Web site gives you a list of "Blast Areas" which are sports bars or restaurants that you can go to watch the event with your fellow WWE fans.

While most of the fans are looking at the main event between Lesnar and Cena, the best match of the night will be the Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship between Chris Jericho and champion CM Punk.

With a huge home-field advantage for Punk in his home town of Chicago, the "Straight Edge" champion will exercise his Jericho demons and walk out of the Allstate Arena with some revenge and his WWE Championship.

With a card that has the potential to be a great event tomorrow night in Chicago, will you shell out some of your hard-earned money to watch as Lesnar returns to the ring to battle with Cena?