For whatever reason, writer’s block has been known to plague writers at the most inconvenient times. It is a phenomenon that makes little sense but yet is widely felt throughout all creative people- often in the exact moment they need to be writing! Are you experiencing writer’s block right now? Have you fought through it in the past? Below are some great ideas for overcoming this frustrating experience and getting back in to the flow. Read them and add your own in the comments if you have a sure fire way of breaking through.

Get Outside

As simple as it may sound, getting outside and doing something active can go a really long way in changing your mood and getting you in to a good frame of mind to do some writing. Let the pressure off and get lost in the moment of a good run, walk, bike, or whatever it is in the outdoors that piques your fancy. The beauty of nature combined with all the great things exercise does to your mind has done the trick for many in the past.

Close Some Windows

When we say “close some windows” we’re not talking about windows to the outdoors, we’re talking about windows on the internet! In fact, just click out of the interwebs altogether for a few hours or a day if you can manage it. A writer’s work is solitary, and sometimes the internet has a really good way of disrupting solitude. See what a few days of being unplugged can do for you.

Read Something New

A great way to change what is coming out of your mind (in the case of writer’s block, nothing) is to change what you’re putting in to it. Read authors whose style or subjects you’re not used to. If you always read non fiction, try digging in to a short novel. Just mix it up and get some new thoughts filtering through your mind. Being creative and writing is all about synthesizing a variety of different perspectives, so get some fresh perspective to move you on to a different track.

Eat Healthy

It may seem strange, but healthy eating is something physical that will actually give you great mental benefits. Some foods interact poorly with the chemicals that control your emotions. Pay attention to these. Try sticking to a fat and sugar free diet for a week and see what a difference that makes.

Writer’s block can be one of the most frustrating things to occur for writers at any point in their development. The good thing is there are so many people who have been through it before and have come out the other side. Keep trying new things and mixing up your routine as you work your way through it. Most important of all, don’t put pressure on yourself to reach insane expectations. Instead, allow yourself the time to grow through what is understandably a tough experience. If you find you need the guidance of an editor to help develop your ideas as your work through writer’s block, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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