1.5 million watch debut of Chengdu to find buyersTen o'clock yesterday, the reporter saw in an exhibition hall of the Shangri-La Hotel lying in glass cases in a hundred pieces of jewelry, watches, porcelain crafts await buyers, Sichuan Appreciation watch this preview occupy the small seats. The reporter saw a dark strap watch is very special, it has a double dial, the dial has a precision pointer and digital. According to Sotheby's watch, senior expert Chen Kaijia, it is known as the world's most complicated watch, Patek Philippe, only 1-2 technicians can do year yields up to two this table last year, has been discontinued "he said, the estimated price of the watch in this year's autumn auction in 103-154 ten thousand U.S. dollars, may be a new record of the most expensive watch in the world, according to the relevant person in charge of Sotheby just yesterday in Chengdu preview treasures The autumn auction will be a small part of. October 5 - 9, 2012 autumn auction will commence in Hong Kong, will be presenting more than 3,600 treasures, a total value of over $ 200 million. 5 million line of the first to do spokesperson Cherie Chung was her boyfriend does not comebackRumored comeback of Cherie Chung to skin treatments spokesman yesterday (June 25) to witness the press conference attended by more than 500 million lines of head. The style remains Cherie Chung deny planned comeback, frankly happy to meet not necessarily live in the mercury lamp. Asked around no suitors? She said God enough to do her boyfriend, no suitors Cherie Chung yesterday to attend the "the reenex (Ruini Si) collagen authigenic three years old regimen" Trial Witnesses Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney) and put on black low-cut evening gown, wear worth over 200 million Cartier diamond, sitting in a red Ferrari 3,000,000 grand debut, advertisers executives also <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Ulysse-Nardin.html">Ulysse Nardin watch</a> were personally send flowers to greet. Assembly broadcast Cherie Chung the year starring two classic movie "An Autumn's Tale" and "Once a Thief" fragment, and special arrangements for the two children pictured dressed Cherie Chung in shape to play with amused her laugh not add the mouth from lack of public Cherie Chung becomes magnified youthful appearances, she said that this endorsement considering the six months to understand the background and reputation of the company, and agreed to try the product before endorsement to the consumer is responsible for only so cautious. Asked to revisit their performances brought back a lot of memories? She said with a smile very happy. Questioning comeback rumors? She reiterated never said to come back or retire, has been served endorsement, jokes reporters sentimental. Cherie Chung frankly temporarily did not intend to shoot, because it has to find another life: "I'm over the lives of ordinary people, very full and happy life is very suited to their.Rumored she was filming the movie "Wu Zetian", she said she <a href="http://www.kingshowbox.net/Oakley.html">Oakley watches</a> did not heard about the matter, although the director to discuss, and that can tailor-writing the script for her, but she believes that in addition to filming, as well as do a lot and laugh asked everyone whether miss her comeback. Cherie Chung still like the movie, but now I prefer to do the spectators rather than actors, do not think that can live happily meet mercury lamp, goodbye to show business friends happy, movies let her grow up but also a price to give her a lot of memories, Cherie Chung, now 49 years old But appearances still youthful. She said that the the Totale most important is cheerful mood. Asked faith helped her? She admitted that the faith so she's not afraid of death: "I never thought to their own appearance like how old, and I also know their age, I have always been happy sun, beliefs, I am not afraid of the darkness and death, self-contained, open-minded, help  me to be a more good people. "Asked Cherie Chung around suitors? She admitted that to live the rest of my life, do not care: new romance? Hard A (suitors), faith has been very good. "The reporter asked her whether God has enough to do boyfriend? She agreed: "so to speak." Comes to comeback rumors of Brigitte Lin, Cherie Chung Chan the other everyone idol, of course, would like to see her performances, but the most important is Brigitte Lin happy, she said: "As long as the Qingxia like instead coercion. (with overtones?) I'm kidding you! "Cherie Chung talked about before, do not want to face the outside world, now has to find something else in life, she said: "There are many important things in life, I do not want to have to face the public, even if it sometimes is photographed as if it does not matter, in fact, I Want to take a hike. "

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