we open the gate. I think cloud light wind is light, tomorrow is another day. New year, new faces, retrieves his back go on the road early themselves as scheduled. I do not want to at the origin, I would like to run again at the starting line of life, towards higher and more distant journey. Time flows, time is my songs without words, laughing all the way, I came all the way through life long road, learns to Frank, learning is cool, learns to treat some rational people and things. 2011, on a windy rain of sunshine a year, only blessing, blessing themselves tomorrow will be better, bless me, happy new year, happy. Old Tang, Xiao XI, less than, neighbor, small ray Chan (who won't talk or at home in Harbin) sth Ah? Oh, written before the name how surprised and useless, now at, staring eyes can't believe that seven or eight people, only to find the links people have less and less. Of course, I am not talking about relationship between near and far, some people, even if n day greeting, when they need a friend to help, one call, will do all we can, andcoach factory outlet will not hesitate to. There is no connection that I souchangguadu only reason "busy" is a reasonable explanation. Last time, I was almost a months ' more than hundred, I don't know why, as time goes by, feeling nothing important, contacted and what then? There, it's right there. And "beauty" chat, but some of her remarks hurt me too deep, I hide myself. coach factory store Does not known from what when, like Shang has a sentence injury people words, as is less than said "some people, appears to and you is inseparable from,, a days he wind as left has, you only feeling you of world and no what differences, no people can became you difficult to cure of cancer; some thing, seems left you difficult, may no you of when, Earth still in rotating, you only know own is just he coach madison collection population in the of a sneeze vague. Don't look overweight person, don't put yourself too high, so as to make life less load. "Just think time can really change things, life really can also engraving of a person. Depressed or moment, trying to find someone to share, open the phone book, to turn a few times, I do not know who to contact, would like coach poppy collection to contact him, she hastily call, who will care about your bitter and sweet? There was a time, mobile phones does not leave the body, for fear of missing a phone, a text message, I was not afraid of friends, fear and they lost touch. Suddenly a few days, broken