The Wolves came back in the fourth quarter, against a Kings team that couldn't care less... and outscored them 39-20 to make the final score slightly less hideous somewhat respectable.

However, there are zero silver linings when you lose to the Kings after being down 30+ points during the course of the game.

We suck balls, and our team is a gigantic pile of steaming crap. That is not something you can sugarcoat... nor would I ever even attempt it.

We've averaged something like 27 wins the past 4 seasons. Well, we only need to go 13-2 the rest of this season to reach that incredibly lofty benchmark.

If, for some reason, you want to discuss this game or team, here's our forum thread for tonight.If not, I don't blame you one iota.Prepare for a winless March, hoorah!

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