Troy had two forced fumbles.

There were 5 sacks.

And Ben had an awesome punt

The Steelers are now close to securing that wildcar spot. Yes, the team that started the season like they were playing pee wee football in the National Football League is now closer to the wildcard spot than the Browns and the Ravens. 

How did this happen? 

Somehow everyone seems to have stepped up and realized all the rumors and talking about each other and pointing fingers took more energy than just playing together towards a common goal, winning.

And have you seen Worilds and Timmons? Despite Warren Sapp and Marshall Faulk continuously taking trash about how "old" the Steelers are, they continue to step up. Are they elite? No. But do they do enough to get the job done? Today they did. And last week in the second half Megatron was non-existent. The Steelers are about 1/2 a football game away from being great again.

For example, Will Gay jumps a route, gets an interception and returns it for a TD. Yet later in the game, he loses sight of a WR and is burnt for a 2-point conversion. 

This team is schizophrenic.

Sucks one quarter, is awesome the next.

In response, Steeler Nation supports the economy by investing in Pepto-Bismal.

It's a short week. The Steelers play the Ravens on Thursday night. Don't eat too much turkey, folks, you will want to stay awake for this game. Could be the best game you will see on Thanksgiving!

And the real reason my blogging is lax, many of you already know if you follow me on ANY social media platform, my son's team is playing in the Maryland state semi-finals this Friday, having lost one game all season. My weekends have been filled with high school football and college visits, every single weekend.

I love the Steelers, but I love watching my son play ball more than anything. I couldn't be more proud of him and his team. He's overcome so much and is now one of the top wide receivers in the Washington, DC metro area. 

I'm proud of him and his team.

Wish them luck, on Friday they face the only team that beat them in the regular season. It's gonna be a good one!

Go Paint Branch Panthers! #PBFootball