There may be problems lurking in the HVAC ducts in a home that are compromising the health of its occupants. Every time the air handler fan of the unit starts, it can force these particles into the rooms where you live. Such materials may affect one's ability to enjoy a home, but can also affect the individual's health. Using air duct cleaning San Bruno homeowners can eliminate these problems and enjoy the benefit of greater HVAC efficiency.

If you have pets in the home, it is likely the ducts of the house are lined with dog, cat or other pet hair and dander. Every time the blower starts, a dose of fur can be delivered into the air. The increase in pet fur and dander can cause sneezing as well as other allergic reactions for the occupants and guests in the house.

In fact, any allergen that can collect inside the tunnels of ductwork can be released regularly into the home whenever the system is operating. This includes pollen, dust and mold spores. The best method of eliminating the problems these materials cause is at the source.

Renovation projects can also result in a lot of fine dust and particulate matter in the air. Just like allergens, this material can settle in the passageways to be released again and again. The problem may be seen as a fine layer of dust that continually coats everything in the house and can be eliminated with these services.

If one has recently moved into a home, turning on the HVAC system can fill the house with odors left by the previous tenants. Tobacco smoke and cooking odors are two of the more common complaints. Professional service of the system can remove such residues. The team will use special process that dissolve the coatings on the ducts left by cooking grease and tobacco. Once they are removed, you can feel the home is truly yours.

In homes where there has been an infestation of vermin, the ducts can have urine and fecal material from rodents and insects that line their surface. In addition to the odors this can cause, it presents a health hazard for those living in the house. The best way to eliminate the trouble is to have the system cleaned professionally. The company can disinfect the ducts as well as clean them.

For most people, the problems caused by dirty ductwork is annoying; however, they can cause health issues for others. Asthma sufferers may find the release of dust and other particulate matter triggers an attack. Mold can cause big problems due to toxic substances emitted. Removal can help to improve home occupant health.

Air duct cleaning San Bruno homes provides several benefits for residents. The air quality is improved immediately. Additionally, many find the services also help the unit to operate more efficiently. This can mean a cost savings for the occupants of the home as well as a great way to improve air quality and health of all members of the family.