With all the change going on in the Wisconsin football coaching staff there seems to be this feeling amongst most Badgers faithful that the sky is falling and this program will never be the same.  While the numbers of people leaving are really unprecedented I'm hear to tell you the sky isn't falling and the Badgers will be o.k.

As of now it's known that Wisconsin will be losing Paul Chryst (OC), DelVaughn Alexander (WR), Bob Bostad (O-Line), Dave Huxtable (LB), and most likely Joe Rudolph (TE).  That leaves only Thomas Hammock on the offensive side of the coaching staff as of right now.

So, why do I say that the Badgers will be o.k.?  Let's run down a list of former Badgers assistants that left for other jobs in the last 30 years or so and tell me if we survived their "huge losses for the program?"




John Palermo: 1991-2005 (Assistant HC/OLB & DL)

- left program for Miami(FL) as their D-Line coach

Bill Callahan: 1990-94 (O-Line Coach)

- left program for Philadelphia Eagles, became Nebraska HC

Brad Childress: 1991-93 (RB coach) 1994-98 (Offensive Coordinator)

- left to be QB coach in Philadelphia, became Vikings HC

Dan McCarney: 1990-94 (Defensive Coordinator)

- left to become Head Coach at Iowa State

Dave Doeren: 2006-2010 (Defensive Coordinator)

- left to become Head Coach of Northern Illinois

Jay Norvell: 1989-94 (O-Line, Receivers)

- left with McCarney to Iowa State as QB/Receivers coach


Now, tell me where this program is now?  How ever did we survive the losses of guys like McCarney, Childress, Callahan, and Norvell in just 2 seasons under Barry Alvarez?  Oh, that's right, by hiring good coaches to replace them.

Folks, success breeds success.  You don't become a good program without getting good coaches on your staff.  Once you start winning at a high level those that are on your staff are going to be looked at by other schools as potential candidates for higher positions.  

That's exactly what happened this offseason.  The biggest difference is that one man, Paul Chryst, decided to take nearly the entire offensive coaching staff from Wisconsin with him and that has to piss Barry and Bret off, especially after going to bat for him to get this job in the 1st place.

Well, guess what, we survived these types of losses as a program before and I trust that Barry and Bret will hire the right guys as replacements, it's not like they don't know what they are doing with their staffs in the 1st place.  They did hire the guys that are leaving for greener pastures, right?

I mean let's get serious, we aren't going to become some terrible program all of the sudden.  Wisconsin is quickly becoming a place where assistant coaches want to go.  It's a good program overall and is clearly a place where they can advance a career, all important things to those that have greater ambitions.  

So, put down the knifes, step away from the ledges folks, this program has survived something very similar under Barry and we'll do it again under Bret.  Everything will be o.k., I promise.