Wilmington, NC, 30-JAN-2013 - Wilmington chiropractors, Dr. Aaron Richardet, DC and Dr. Jason Graf, DC, have been recognized for their efforts to teach overall wellness to members of the Wilmington community. The doctors have worked with individuals, groups and business owners to help people achieve greater health and wellness through healthy and natural methods.

When interviewed recently the doctors shared their commitment to helping people achieve greater wellness. "Most people do not think about their wellness goals until they are in pain or sick. Our goal is to education members of the community in the steps they can take to increase their wellness and avoid conditions that cause pain. We work very closely with the participants we education to make sure that their specific needs are addressed. When we work with business owners we evaluate the work environment to identify the changes that can be made to reduce employee sick time due to injuries. We feel that taking proactive steps to maintain good health is very important and want to ensure that we give people all of the information, training and support they need to achieve their goals."

Prior to preparing a presentation the doctors meet with the coordinator of the group to identify the average age of the participants, questions or concerns they may have, health issues that may be prevalent in the work place or their daily activities, and other issues that should be addressed during the program. The doctors then prepare a presentation that includes the steps participants can take to increase and maintain greater overall health and wellness.

The doctors address important topics during a presentation such as the importance of proper nutrition to ensure that the person is getting the important vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal, maintain a healthy metabolism, improve stamina and increase energy levels. They also discuss exercises that are specifically designed to increase circulation and strengthen the muscle groups that support the spinal column.

To get more information about the programs offered by Wilmington chiropractors, Dr. Aaron Richardet, DC and Dr. Jason Graf, DC to teach members of the community about how to achieve greater overall wellness visit http://www.SpinalCareOfWilmington.com today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.

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