The New York Giants travel to take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday evening in the NFC Championship Game in San Francisco. The winner heads to the Super Bowl two weeks from Sunday in Indianapolis.  Will the New York Giants do what they did in 2008 when they went to the Super Bowl and defeated than undefeated New England to win the Super Bowl.

     The New York Giants are coming off a dominating performance in Green Bay against the top seed in the NFC. The Giants defensive line took control of the game as the game went further along.  Eli Manning the New York Giants quarterback had another good playoff performance and recorded his fourth playoff road victory in his career.

     The New York Giants are taking on the San Francisco 49ers, a up and coming team lead by first year head coach Jim Harbaugh.  The 49ers are coming off an exciting win over the New Orleans Saints in a game that went back and forth especially in the fourth quarter.  The 49ers should a lot of guts and the will to win.

     The New York Giants have played excellent football on both sides of the ball. They have picked up there play and they are reminding a lot of New York Giants fans of their 2008 January playoff run.  It does seem like we are looking at replay of that playoff run by the Giants.  This current Giants team does have fire power on offense and Eli Manning is looking like an elite quarterback in the NFL.  The Giants defense is playing like it did during their 2008 Super Bowl run.

     The play of the New York Giants has a lot of their fans believing that this Giants team is going to repeat what they did a few seasons ago.  What could happen is the Giants could play the same team the New England Patriots who are playing the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday as well.  Both of these games are very interesting and are going to be very good games.  The New York Giants and their fans hope that the team will continue to ride this wave.