As the true Free Agency period looms right around the corner, Tuesday, names will be flying fast and furious.  What the Mets do at more important positions will obviously take the center stage.  However, there are some names out there that could take care of some needs while you wait on those larger deals.  One of the issues the Mets have had for years, not just the Alderson era, is letting their off-season be held hostage by one or two names.  Instead, this year I think the Mets should take a more active approach of stock pilling some positions while continuing to work on others. 

With Harvey out for 2014 and mystery still surrounding Mejia, the Mets have the dangerous 1.5 positions open to start the season.  We all know it usually takes 8+ SP.  Obviously by mid season Montero and Thor could be options as well as other farm candidates.  But to start the season the Mets should look for one true innings eater that at least can be a middle of the rotation guy and also one backend guy who could slide to the pen if Montero or others push their way to the front.  

Enter Chris Capuano.  As well all remember Cap pitched for the Mets in 2011 and actually had a decent year for a back of the rotation starter.  Only one year removed from injury, Capuano pitched in 32 games, started 31 and logged 186 innings with a 4.55 ERA.  Leaving the Mets for a 2 year 10M deal with the Dodgers the lefty pitched in 57 games starting 53 with a 3.91 ERA in 304 innings.  I would imagine that Chris will be seeking a similar deal to what he got from the Dodgers but may have to settle on that dreaded one year deal again after having his 6M option turned down by the Dodgers. 

While Capuano has spent most of his career as a starter he has appeared as a reliever in 29 games posting a 3.42 ERA. 

As a LHP he would also provide balance to the rotation and a LHRP option if needed later in the season.  

2 years 10M for Capuano early could allow the Mets much more flexibility going forward.