After the Hurricanes made a few unexpected moves during the offseason, such as actually trying to get Rick Nash, Zach Parise, and Ryan Suter, the Canes pick up a well....controversialpiece.  

Over the coarse of his career Alex Semin has proven himself as a goal scorer, not necessarily a team-type player.  As you may have heard when free-agent frenzy began, TSN reporters and analysts trashed Semin. They stated him as being a player that when he puts forth effort and isn't lazy, he is a team asset, otherwise he's just a guy that totals 20+ goals a season.  

Although in the past couple of seasons he hasn't shown full potential, Semin has shown that he does have the ability to score 40 goals a season and really contribute to a team.  Luckily for the Hurricanes, if he isn't able to prove his worth and score 30 plus goals this season he might be moving around a lot, which not many players favor at this point of his career.

Semin needs to produce if he wants to have a promising career and not bum around to teams for a year and then leave.  Hopefully Kirk Muller is able to push him to providing and putting in the effort needed and hopefully keeping him consistent.