Yellowstone snowmobile tours offer visitors a way to get a closer look at the unique magnificence of thenational treasure. With snowmobiles nature lovers get a fun way to travel across its wide expanse. Snowmobiles have been enjoyed since they were first introduced in 1963 to explore this biosphere reserve.

Winter offers a better chance to observe the wildlife. The long lines of summer traffic are missing during this period. Visitors will get a superior opportunity to explore the remarkable features of this renowned venue. Tour operators are experienced in sharing the best observation areas of its large area.

There is a reason why it was selected to be the first ever designated national park. The geological features are born from its special location along the North American plate. The Caldera and other fissures exemplify the massive tectonic activity still going on. The wisdom of the farsighted government which preserved this treasure can only be appreciated with a full throttle visit to experience its beauty. Its remarkable features are explored more easily with snowmobiles ridden across its designated trails.

In the winter season it is easier to find some of the over sixty types of animals. They are protected inside the reserve that extends beyond 2 million acres of a dramatic landscape. The wildlife is easier to see as animals that prefer higher altitudes forage in the meadows looking for food. The snowy background is a clearer setting for their observation. Informed visitors head to Lamar Valley for a great place to catch a glimpse of the preserved wildlife. Researchers and other congregate in this venue. If you forget to bring your own viewing scopes, they may kindly share their own. Besides the bison, among the other animals are wolves, big horn sheep, antelope, elk, grizzly bears, mule deer and wapitis. Wolf lovers delight in seeing the grey wolves that are very active in this season. For elk lovers, the National Elk Refuge is located a 50 miles distance in Jackson.

The park stretches over 3000 square miles. The physical aspects include 50 percent of the known geothermal features on earth. They number in excess of 10,000. They include the most extensive concentration of geysers. The more than 300 geysers present are two thirds of the total number on earth.

The headwaters of three significant rivers flow within the expansive landscape. Among the numerous lakes is the largest at high altitude contained on the continent. Forty of the waterfalls have a name, but many do not. Visitors will be able to see that the remnants of its Pleistocene Era glacial past still exist.

The protected region contains a rare ecosystem to remain intact within this hemisphere. Over a hundred species of fossil plants have been discovered in deposits inside the park. The differences in altitude levels have allowed an assortment of diverse plants to flourish. The thermal sections of the park have nurtured an interesting mixture of bacteria and algae. Human interventions have been restrained to respect the natural evolutionary processes of this rare natural reserve.

The extraordinary characteristics of this area provide a rare opportunity for studying the evolutionary development of earth. Guests may make reservations at the two park hotels that remain open. The landmark Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Mammoth Hot Springs are open until March. Tour operators of Yellowstone snowmobile tours offer an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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