When shopping for Back Packs, it is important to shop for the style needed for activities planned. For example, while a standard pack may be great for back to school, those carrying a number of belongings while hiking often require stronger ones. So, it is important to consider not only color, style and size but also quality when shopping for these items.

In addition, regardless of color and style, it is always best to purchase ones which are water proof. Of course, while this is often more important for folks using these items for outdoor activities or when traveling in the elements 24/7, it is also good for others. Otherwise, hikers or students could get caught in a rain storm thus soaking any maps or schoolwork which may be inside.

So, while the old adage that the dog ate the homework might still be believable in some circumstances, most often teachers require that most assignments be turned in on time. If not, then most often a first offense results in the student receiving a warning and having to redo the assignment. Whereas, in other cases, a point is taken off grades of any students who fail to turn in assignments on time. So, to assure that books and homework stays in good condition, it is often best to either purchase or waterproof any bags being used for this purpose.

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Also, when being used for school, it is important that parents and students check any school guidelines before running out and buying themed items related to bands, movies, shows or other current events. For example, if a child or teenager were to come to school wearing a shirt related to a popular violent video game while carrying the same themed bag, then that student might very well be sent home in some school districts. However, there are also other areas in which freedom of expression is still appreciated and more freedoms are allowed students.

Of course, while a number of logos and insignias have been banned from different schools, most often all schools allow students to wear t-shirts and carry packs with the school logo or mascot. Although, generally these type shirts must be in original condition with no patches, tears or fringes and bags must be clean without other logos or insignias.

As a result, some students in one district may be able to carry these themed bags and wear associated clothing while students in other districts may not have the same freedoms. Of course, the rules are generally to assist students in remaining safe on campus. Still, there is often argument, controversy and lawsuits related to these issues.

Now, when it comes to adult or teen hiking trips, this is another story. For example, most often there are no rules about clothing or bags which can be carried even on guided trips. However, it is always best to consider the environment, others in attendance and whether or not others may be offended by any logo or pictures on the bag.

To this end, when shopping for Back Packs whether for school or hiking, it is often best to purchase waterproofed ones. In addition, if a student is going to use the bag at school, it is important to note whether there are any rules against logos and other insignia. Otherwise, a parent may spend a lot of money on a themed one which can not be carried or used at school.