If you send a lot of books or brochures in the post, you may be thinking of buying book boxes to pack your items in. Many people sell their old books on various auction sites, and they have a need for these boxes. So do businesses that sell books or send brochures and catalogues on a regular basis. It is important to keep your mail in good condition, whatever it is you're sending, and make sure it arrives safely, so it is important to pack it well for mailing. Below we mention the different types of boxes and how best to use them to send your items.

If you're a business and you advertise your items for sale in catalogues, you may find that book boxes can help you to gain more business, by inspiring confidence in your ability to deliver goods intact. There are more and more mail order companies out there now, and they have to be able to remain competitive in the market. Therefore, in order to retain your edge in the market you should give serious consideration to a good quality catalogue, and if you send it through the post, you should ensure it arrives in pristine condition. If you don't, then how is your customer going to have faith in you being able to deliver their items without damaging them in the post?

A good way to make use of your book boxes is by making them look good. If you are sending them as a present, you can wrap them in paper. If you are a business, you can promote your business by having them specially printed, or sticking labels on to advertise your business's name. Many boxes come with lines on for you to write your addresses on, whereas some have a place to stick a label on. You can have a label on asking your customer to recycle the box after use, which will make you and your business look good. You could even promote a charity you support on the box, to encourage donations. These boxes come in many colours and designs, and you can really go to town with them.

So now you have found out a little more about the ranges and uses of book boxes, why not measure up your books and find a box to fit them? There is a large range of different types and styles and if you wish to make a present look a little more interesting, you could even wrap the book box in wrapping. This will protect the box and make it easily reusable, as well as providing secure transit for your books. Don't forget to get the right size though, the last thing you want is for your books to be sliding about getting damaged in their boxes. A snug fit is always best.

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